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Capacity Assessment & disability services


Sharon specializes in completing capacity assessments for parents of 17-year old children transitioning into adulthood. Completing a capacity assessment allows for sole guardianship and/or trusteeship or shared decision-making abilities in medical, educational, vocational, legal, and financial matters. The process involves a pre-assessment consultation, follow-up interview, and completion of required forms.  


  • Help the 17-year-olds as well as their parents or legal guardians to decide if they can provide the support mechanisms and environment for the child as they become an adult

  • Help the new adult on caring, schooling and work, or if they are not capable of being the support mechanism - this falls under the disability services category

Support Programs

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Family Support is Essential

If your child has ADHD or any other condition, it is vital that you support them. Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) helps families build a strong support system to contribute to the child's growth. It helps parents determine their child’s needs. From helping you get information about government programs and services to getting medical supplies, the disability worker will assist you with everything.

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Helping You with Your Goals

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Another program offered by the Government of Alberta is Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD). The program is focused on helping individuals live an independent life in society despite their disabilities. The disability services worker understands your vision and needs so as to provide you with the right help and resources. They also offer individual support programs to help you achieve your goals in the stipulated time frame. 

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Earn a Living

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The Government of Alberta acknowledges the need for an assured income for the disabled. If you are severely handicapped and cannot earn a living, apply for the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH). The program is focused on helping you get all the financial and health benefits. Specially designed for individuals with a permanent medical condition, the program ensures that you can earn your living without depending on anyone.

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Disability Tax Credit (Canada)

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Living with a disability is not emotionally and mentally exhausting, but it also comes with additional expenses. The Canadian government can help you with your finances with the disability tax credit. It is a policy for anyone who is disabled or living with an eligible disabled person. From helping you get some relief from the income to making you eligible for disability claims, the policy is devised to offer you an opportunity to spend on your well-being.

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Creating Success Stories

Capacity assessments are helpful for people with disabilities to succeed in adulthood.

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