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    Does My Child Need a Learning Disability Assessment?

    Learning disabilities are often only diagnosed once children begin to attend school, however, the signs can often be subtle. Both teachers and parents may begin to notice differences in the learning styles of children, however, challenges and behavioural differences can often go unnoticed.

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  • Psychology Test for Children - Toddler Coloring Shapes
    5 Types of Learning Difficulties – and How to Help

    The term “learning disability” is an umbrella term for any learning challenge in a specified area, such as reading, writing, or math. Learning disabilities are lifelong disorders that can range from mild to severe. While they often become apparent when children begin school, they can often go undiagnosed and affect adults throughout their lives. Individuals with learning disabilities may even go through their lives without ever receiving a formal assessment, and thus never understanding why they may have difficulties with academics or problems with their jobs or relationships.

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